Me in one sentence

A creative person who is passionate about photography and love helping people and businesses to grow their brands.


I was born in Czech Republic, but I rather feel like a citizen of the world. I lived before in several countries: UK, Denmark, USA, Spain, France, Germany and Bali. Every country I have lived in gave me something valuable and all these international experiences help me to work on different projects with an open mind.

I speak Czech (my mother language), English, German and Spanish. 

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I love capturing moments, emotions, rather than only posing pictures. I especially love taking pictures of people, food & lifestyle, as well as product pictures. My passion for photography is limitless. When I hold my camera I feel myself and start being creative. All what matters is that people feel comfortable with me and I bring the best results for my clients.

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“Jana’s photography skills are unmatched! She is very passionate about her job. You need someone that will make you feel very comfortable, free, and enjoy your photoshoot, and Jana is the one.” Said client Nana
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I have worked more than 9 years in online marketing. My passion is everything about branding, social media and online advertising. I have worked in marketing department in large companies as Bosch and Henkel, as well as mid-sized and start-ups. Later I decided to become a freelancer and help companies and people to grow their potential. Most importantly I always try to give my heart to what I do and stay creative.

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How can I help you

Photography, marketing and feeling good attitude come together in hand and can bring your brand to a very next level.

You want that people love the look of your brand (photography), that you can catch their attention in different ways about your brand (marketing), and that they feel good about your product or service (feeling good attitude). Moreover it is much easier to sell your “feeling good” product or service if you are yourself in that place.

How you feel about yourself means often how others feel around you and your brand. That’s why it’s important to start with the good feeling attitude and the rest will flow and your brand will be able to glow.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Jana, she is really professional and enthusiastic, she creates great creating content and is an amazing photographer.”

– Rodrigo

Cocobeli platform

Cocobeli platform is all about featuring the best restaurants together with their recipes, places to stay and inspiring people (influencers).

It all started with a digital Cook and Inspirational book where I featured the recipes of best restaurants in Bali together with success tips of inspiring people.

It is a place where you can find the best quality places and get inspired and motivated.

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Starting 2022 we have launched a Youtube channel where you can watch Cocobeli Spice Stories about chefs and other inspiring people. 


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Gingerbeli Brand

After two years of intensive testing many natural products in Bali as well as powerful ingredients that significantly improved my health, mood and mind I realised, I am ready to share my experience with other people and help them feel healthy and balanced. And Gingerbeli started.

Gingerbeli wants to show you that it’s possible to improve your immunity, mood & beauty with all natural and balanced products. 

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Balanced health. Better self.